BIOFLEX Timeline


Dr. Fred Kahn

Dr. Fred Kahn’s discovery of Low Intensity Laser Therapy during his non-surgical recovery from a skiing-related shoulder injury prompted him to develop Laser Therapy devices with greater sophistication, precision, and reliability.



Dr. Kahn founded Meditech International Inc. to research and develop Low Intensity Lasers for healing.


BIOFLEX Laser Therapy Systems were developed at Ryerson Polytechnic University and Centre of Advanced Technology (CATE) in Toronto, Canada under the direction of Dr. Kahn and a team of consultants.


Official Release of the first BIOFLEX Professional Laser Therapy Systems


Meditech Rehabilitation Centre Opened on 411 Horner Avenue, Toronto in 1999

Meditech Rehabilitation Centre Opened on 411 Horner Avenue, Toronto.


TNT Reported now the Raptors recovered quickly and effectively for the NBA in 2001

BIOFLEX Laser Therapy Featured on Raptors NBA TNT


1st Annual International Laser Therapy Conference in Toronto, hosted by Meditech Intl Inc.


Eye Witness News reported how a local teen and professional football players recovered using our Bioflex laser therapy device

Eyewitness News segment report on cold laser treatments with the local teen basketball player and professional athletes


WFTC 29 Minneapolis News Reports

WFTC 29, Minneapolis News report on BIOFLEX devices used to treat professional athletes and patients with severe injury pain.


Spacious lobby and treatment areas at Meditech Rehabilitation Centre in Downtown Toronto

Opening of the Second Meditech Rehabilitation Centre in Downtown Toronto.


BIOFLEX Therapist Portable Laser Therapy Systems

Official Release of BIOFLEX Therapist Portable Laser Therapy Systems


CTV News coverage of our Etobicoke clinic

CTV News coverage of our Laser Therapy treatment at the Etobicoke clinic


Low Level Intensity Laser Books

Meditech released three volumes publication on Low Intensity Laser Therapy, the culmination of twenty years of research and clinical experience, authored by Dr. Fred Kahn.


BIOFLEX DUO+ 180 & 240 Treatment Arrays

Official Release of BIOFLEX DUO+ 180 & 240 Treatment Arrays


Rogers' TV Daytime Show

Rogers TV – Daytime Toronto episode featured Slava Kim (Director of Medical Operations) and Fernanda Saraga (Clinical Research/Education Director) to talk about LLLT addressing Osteoarthritis.


CityTV News Report at the Etobicoke clinic

CityTV News reported about our Etobicoke clinic treatment for arthritis and pain.


CityTV News Demonstrating Laser Therapy at the Etobicoke Clinic

CityTV News Arthritis Report featured our patients’ interview and reports from our Etobicoke clinic how Laser Therapy made an impact on treating arthritis.


The Brain's Way of Healing by Dr. Norman Doidge

Dr. Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain’s Way of Healing, citing our Laser Therapy practice.


BIOFLEX Personal Systems

Official Release of BIOFLEX Personal Systems – P120 & P180


The Nature of Things Episode on CBC Featured Norman Doidge

The Nature of Things with David Suzuki aired The Brain’s Way of Healing – Full Length Documentary featuring Dr. Norman Doidge showcasing our PBM technology.


ABC News 5 Sports Report on BIOFLEX Laser Therapy Devices used to treat 2018 Winter Olympians

News 5 Sports coverage of our professional device used by medical staff for treating athletes at the PyeongChang Winter Olympic games.


Big3 Founder Ice-Cube with Dr. Nathan Cheung

Partnered with Big3’s Children Basketball Development League in Detroit, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Toronto, ON, Canada


Nick Olteanu

With a commitment to future excellence, Dr. Kahn and his advisors have appointed Nicholas Olteanu as Chief Operating Officer (COO) to continue his legacy and drive the growth of the company’s BIOFLEX Laser Therapy System product line and Clinic expansion.


BIOFLEX Multi-port and Duo-port Systems

BIOFLEX Multi-port Professional Laser Therapy Systems Released


Meditech International Inc. Board of Directors announce Nicholas Olteanu as the new CEO.


BIOFLEX Laser Therapy Clinic

Rebranding of Meditech Rehabilitation Centre to BIOFLEX Laser Therapy Clinic


BIOFLEX Partners with L. A. Rams

Official Partnership with NFL Los Angeles Rams


BIOFLEX Consumer Products

BIOFLEX Red Light Therapy System Release – Nano, Flow, Zone, ZONE XL



BIOFLEX Wave online store is launched


BIOFLEX Miniport

BIOFLEX Miniport Released

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