Read about the difference laser therapy has made in the lives of BIOFLEX Clinic patients. We love our patients and appreciate all of the good things they have to say about us. Thank you from the team at BIOFLEX.

  • Agnese Nunno February 14, 2024 I came to Dr. Kahn because I wanted help with my long term memory. I noticed slowly over time, that I had started to forget events that happened in my… Continue Reading
  • George S Thompson February 13, 2024 Dear Dr. Kahn, In October of 2016 I visited your Toronto clinic to receive 12 days of laser treatment for "chemo brain." At the time I was a 54-year-old physician… Continue Reading
  • Hana Vondracek February 13, 2024 Dear Dr. Kahn, While this letter Is late coming, I wanted to make sure that there Is no recurrence of my migraines since treatment at your clinic. I had some… Continue Reading
  • D. Silver February 13, 2024 Dear Dr. Kahn, I want to take this opportunity to thank you immensely for your trailblazing, and essential work in laser therapy. Following a series of your prescribed laser treatments,… Continue Reading
  • Nolan Jarvis February 13, 2024 When I first became a patient of Meditech, I was two months into recovering from a serious sports concussion (March 2018). Due to my whiplash incident, my neck was very… Continue Reading
  • Anthony Aquan-Assee February 13, 2024 In 1997 I sustained a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury as I was involved in an extremely serious motorcycle accident. I was not expected to live, but I was given the… Continue Reading
  • Phyllis Shepard-Spiro February 13, 2024 Dear Dr. Kahn, My husband and I have a BioFlex and laser that we bought from your company a few years ago. The latter just recently. I wanted to let… Continue Reading
  • Blaine Fotheringham February 13, 2024 To : Slava Kim and all Meditech staff Just to let you know that I am extremely happy with the results of my Treatments at Meditech and with the portable… Continue Reading
  • Gar Sherwood February 13, 2024 Dear Dr. Kahn, I wanted to thank you for the miracle of my much improved knees. I have been truly suffering with both knees since November of 2012. Prior to… Continue Reading
  • Toni Van Duyne February 13, 2024 Hello Dr. Kahn, It's Toni Van Duyne from Barcelona. I don't know if you remember me I came to see you in October and I left with a professional unit… Continue Reading
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